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The BINARD Company, since its activity, is constantly developing in the direction of processing and export of agricultural products. And as a result of this, participation in various innovative projects of the agricultural sector. One of such priority projects for us today is the gluten-free direction. This processing of food grain sorghum from whole grains. The result of this is the production of 100% natural gluten-free products, which is necessary for a wide audience of diet, healthy and special food consumers all over the world: Pearled Sorghum Groats, Pearled Cut Sorghum Groats, Sorghum Flour, Sorghum Semolina. The raw material for the production of flour and cereals is high-quality food grain sorghum (cereals), which is grown on the territory of Ukraine under full control of the process from the company's side, from the moment of cultivation to processing into ready-made quality products and is an internal national product of plant growing in Ukraine.

Why us

These sorghum and spelt products are absent (except sorghum flo

Gluten-free product for healthy and/or dietary nutrition.

The naturalness of the product is 100% (preservatives free, GMO





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