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More than 3500 companies from Ukraine
are ready to cooperate with the world

Ukrainian exporters club opens the new opportunities for Cоmpanies in the World

28 December, 14:40

Ukrainian exporters club was established with a single mission - to develop  co-operation of Ukraine with other countries.  Today we help thousands of customers to build relationships with potential partners in other regions: the EU, China, South Korea, Vietnam, Cambodia, etc. Ukrainian exporters club helps avoid miscommunication with business representatives in other countries.

Ukrainian Companies have great potential and strong ability to work and achieve goals.

Main aims:

  • To create a positive image of Ukraine in the World
  • To help avoid miscommunication with business representatives in other countries
  • To increase profitability of companies more than twofold
  • To actualize club’s ideas in business contributing directly to growth and profitability of Ukrainian business
  • To increase knowledge about Ukrainian business in the world
  • To minimize risks in cooperating with Ukrainian business
  • To avoid cooperation of Ukrainian business with fraudsters

Ukrainian Exporters Club is:

  • Promotion of Ukrainian Companies in the World
  • Rising professional competence of Ukrainian Companies
  • Different educational programs for Ukrainian Business
  • Cooperation with partners all over the World
  • Marketing researches
  • Reliability audit of Ukrainian Companies and Companies in the world
  • Search for partners in different countries
  • Selecting of experts and expert groups
  • New possibilities for business
  • Business Trips

Ukrainian exporters club helps Companies to stay at the desired point of coordinates.

Every day Ukrainian manufacturers search for new opportunities in the world, they could give cheapest price and high quality. We will help you to find them and to make your cooperation safe.

Give the chance to Ukrainian Companies to prove safeness and willingness to do business.

If you want to communicate with Ukrainian Business or to start business with Ukraine - contact Ukrainian exporters Club.

We will help You to find goods and services in Ukraine, that You need.

Start to cooperate with Ukrainian Exporters Club and Ukrainian Companies will impress You.

Ukrainian Exporters Club