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LLC Metallist

We provide drilling equipment - NKR-100 (4 modifications) Spare Parts for K-700 (Kirovetz) Spare parts for crusing equipment

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Import of auto spare parts retail and hwole sale for Ukraineian and Korean vehicles trasnported from Europe, China and South Korea. Krosauto has a staf...

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Furniture factory “NOVA”

“Furniture factory “NOVA” has more than 100 kinds of products that are producing on modern equipment of Italy and Germany and which are successfully presented...

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JSC SiL, Korop cheese factory

An integral part of Ukrainian cuisine is a huge palette of cheeses. Cheeses belong to a highly valuable dairy foods. Korop cheese factory located in...

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Lion Recycling Ukraine produces quality secondary polymeric materials since 2007. Company has extensive own production capabilities that include shredders. dry cleaning units, metal separators, washing systems....

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