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Sandora LLC

Sandora LLC

«Sandora» LLC / PepsiCo Company «Sandora» LLC is steadily playing a leading role in Ukrainian juices and juice products market. Our Goods are the gold standard in juice category; we choose raw material of high quality only; we produce the widest range of juice and nectar using the best world practice and advanced technologies. Products of TM «Sandora» are held in esteem among consumers not only at domestic market but in many other countries all over the world. Our Goods are exported more than 30 countries to. To produce its products ТМ «Sadochok» uses vegetables and fruits from approved suppliers' orchards. We use high-quality raw material from farms and regions thoroughly selected by our quality control department only for milk «Slov`yanochka» manufacturing. Every day 30000 cows are provided with the best feed and give us 250 000 liters of fresh milk. ХРУСTEAM is not just a bread sticks – it is beer snack! This Goods is of macaroni type, prolate form which is familiar to consumers as bread sticks. We use natural wheat and rye flour which surely creates the real bread taste.Bread sticks is the ideal salty snack. Unlike chips, the bread sticks are not roasted but baked and do not form of crumbs! We offer you to use our achievements, leader features and facilities to produce your own goods under your trade mark – Private Label. Our best specialists, development, experience and innovation help you to produce your best quality product. We will lead you to success! 

Why us

Gold Standard in juice category with high quality and natural tas

The world's leading manufacturers

Lots of useful vitamins and minerals, lack of preservatives

57262, Ukraine, Mykolayiv Region, Zhovtnevyy Distr




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