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OLTA-LVIV - producer and supplier of WOODEN PALLET COLLARS - effective packaging solution for storage and transport of valuable, breakable or fragile cargo. Pallet collars...

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PJSC "Goschansk Food Factory"

PJSC "Goschansk Food Factory" creates for you the best candies from the hospitable area. More than 30 types of high quality fruits, nuts, seeds and...

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Ukrainian Organic Cluster, Public Association

Ukrainian Organic Cluster is a non-profit organization, service provider in the organic sector, which successfully represents more than 700 Ukrainian organic market players on international...

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Textile-Contact LLC

Textile-Contact LLC is a modern production company specializing in tailoring of men's and women's outerwear, namely: jackets, coats, t-shirts. In addition, we do tailoring of...

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ТМ Feeelings

ТМ Feelings produces socks on the Italian equipment Sangiacomo and Busi Giovanni for 200 needles. We use the world's finest Filoscozia® materials, Egyptian and garlic...

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