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“Zelena dolyna(The Green Valley ) Agro complex” LLC

“Zelena dolyna Agro complex” is a diversified production complex, which was established in September 2004 on the basis of the sugar mill and farms of...

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Agroprosperis Group

Agroprosperis is the largest crop producer & exporter with direct foreign investments in the Black Sea region. We manage large-scale crop production and develop supply...

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Interstarch Ukraine LLC

INTERSTARCH UKRAINE manufactures and supplies a wide range of starch and syrups obtained by processing corn and wheat. All our products have non-GMO status and certified...

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PJSC «Knjazja Trubetskogo»

The winery was founded in the late 19th century by P.M Trubetskoi on the lands of the “Kozatske” estate in Kherson region. In Soviet times,...

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Gradoil Refinery, LLC

Production and sale of sunflower oil

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