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Kazka Solutions

Kazka Solutions

Kazka Solutions stands on wave of topmost innovations solving modern goals of world governments, businesses and individuals creating technologies and products for further progress of humanity.

Kazka Solutions has long years experience of web development, development of precisious software for different requirements, serving to known corporations and small companies to their needs of better future.

Kazka Solutions uses IIS 5.0/6.0/7.0/8.0 for C# 1.x, 2.0. 3.x, 4.x, ASP.Net + Ajax, Apache for PHP 4/5/7 (ZendFramework, yoomla, Bitrix, Magento, yii, Smarty etc), Node.js, Ruby On Rails, Python. Kazka Solutions can make applications using Visual Studio 6.0 (2003-2013) for VC++, C#, VB to work on MS SQL (2000-2012), MySQL, noSql, Oracle DB engines.

Kazka Solutions has access to some great professionals to solve wide range of tasks using other technologies not listed above.

Why us

Kazka Solutions stands on wave of Sustainable Development Goals

Kazka Solutions completed hundreds of high tech projects

Kazka Solutions targets on jobs, growth and investments

Ukraine,Donetsk, Illicha ave 98A office 49


English - fluent
Ukrainian - fluent
Italian - basic
Croat - basic
Polish - basic
Dutch - basic
Czech - basic
Russian - fluent


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