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Sergey Makhno Architects

Sergey Makhno Architects

Sergey Makhno Architects was founded in Kyiv, Ukraine 17 years ago. Over this time, we have developed more than 600 projects in 16 countries. Besides product design, we also work with architecture and interior design. We aspire to present our projects and products to the entire world. We have been working on a unique recognizable style that combines Ukrainian traditional and contemporary art, minimalism and Japanese philosophy of wabi-sabi. "WE ART THE WORLD!" and want to art your place, too. Not to say too much, here is a link to our main website:

The company values long-standing traditions and interprets them in the products full of real life in its purest form. Ancient wood, rough stone, crumpled linen and other things on which time has left its mark — that is what is truly considered to be perfection. Our ceramic is always with natural flaws, asymmetry, scratches, and scuffs. Because there is nothing more beautiful than simplicity and naturalness. We just need to be able to notice it. Our handmade ceramic, clay products: tile, dishes, decor, lighting, and sculptures point not to oppress nature, but to create in collaboration with it. We could make hundreds of perfect-sized products, yet we create unique ones, filled with the energy of the artist, and the spirit of the Universe and Ukrainian traditions. Our products are recognized by connoisseurs and professionals in the field of design in Europe and worldwide. This is confirmed by our successful participation in the Milan exhibition iSaloni this year, after which many representatives of the modern design industry became interested in our products and expressed willingness to cooperate. Our projects publish the most famous editions in design industry.

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natural flaws

asymmetry, scratches, and scuffs

nothing more beautiful

Kyiv, Ukraine




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