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SoyuzEnergo Concern

SoyuzEnergo Concern is a multidisciplinary company specializing in the production and supply of pipeline fittings, energy, industrial, technological, energy-saving equipment and processing of secondary resources....

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ROSS Company

ROSS is a trading and manufacturing company with extensive practical experience in the production of commercial refrigeration, heating, baking equipment and gas control devices. For...

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State Enterprise "Ukrainian Scientific Railway Car Building Research Institute" (DP "UkrNDIV)

DP “UkrNDIV” is a well-known in Ukraine and abroad research institute for railbound rolling stock. The Institute incorporates Certification Body and Testing Center accredited by...

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HARP (Kharkov Bearing Plant

HARP specializes in the production of ball bearings for agricultural, road, general purpose and roller bearings for rail transport. 1. Quality and reliability: complete technological cycle,...

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Our company offers steel beams with a wavy wall and equipment for their production. The beams (BWW) are welded metal structures of two square or...

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