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Cat Box

Cat Box

The "Cat Box" is the Ukrainian company manufacturing the unique disposable eco-toilets for cats, intended for the long-term use. The Cat Box eco-toilet is made, using the unique technology.
Key Product Features:
- UNBEATABLE ODOR CONTROL: Natural mineral absorbs urine and dehydrates solid waste to remove odors
- HEALTHY HYGIENIC: No need cleaning and washing. There is no need to touch the tray.
- COMPLETELY ECOLOGICAL: cardboard box, wood pellets, natural mineral. Without chemical additives.
- TWO LEVELS OF PROTECTION: 1-st level of protection is a layer of granules of coniferous wood which are moisture absorbent. 2-nd level of protection is a layer of natural mineral.

By buying eco-toilet for cats Cat Box you receive double protection from unpleasant smells and get rid of such procedures as cleaning and washing. This technology gives the opportunity to use eco-toilet Cat Box during up to 25-30 days.
Utilized eco-toilet for cats is thrown away and a new one is placed instead.
- environmentally-friendly components, cardboard box, wood pellets, natural mineral;
- completely odorless;
- does not contain any chemical additives;
- filler is always dry due to the natural properties of the stone;
- long term use;
- thoroughly clean around the box;
- easily portable for vacation
Also, the company produces under its own brand "Natural filler", packaging of 2.5 and 5 kg.
The filler is intended for cat litter.

Why us

the company owns the patent "Invention" for the Cat Box eco-toile

absence of competitors on the market

mobility of production

Ukraine, Kyiv




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