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IT Transit is a full life cycle spatial and analytical systems developer and integrator driving business execution through innovative IT solutions. A full lifecycle approach means IT Transit is experienced in implementation of all the aspects of Information System creation starting with data collection and database structuring, BP modelling, enterprise automated activities and information flows detection, information systems design and application development including calculating and analytical services, based on our engineering and scientific research. Combination of information, analytical and GIS technology helps your team oversee what and where will happen and how information is connected. Result: data-driven problem solving, smoother operations and a better experience for your production. IT Transit has solution offerings around: - Spatial data management (GIS) - Municipal infrastructure services and analytics in urban network, - Equipment accounting systems - Technical condition assessment and integrity management systems, - Mobile solutions in manufacturing and so on. Industries Served: pipeline transportation systems, oil and gas extraction, petroleochemistry and gas processing facilities and enterprises, urban development and municipal infrastructure, energy sector

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