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Ukrainian Organic Cluster, Public Association

Ukrainian Organic Cluster, Public Association

Ukrainian Organic Cluster is a non-profit organization, service provider in the organic sector, which successfully represents more than 700 Ukrainian organic market players on international level and provides advisory support in the field of organic marketing and trade. We consolidate the market representatives along the organic value chain in Ukraine, namely: - growers, producers, processors and exporters of organic products; - service, techniques, planting material and organic inputs/fertilizers providers - logistics, shipping, insurance, warehousing, law and other companies; - HORECA, retail and distributors; - market experts, agronomists, consultants in organic technologies and trade; - representatives of agricultural research and education, in cooperation with the government, donor projects, associations and regional cluster initiatives, in order to boost their competitiveness on foreign markets, make companies visible, stimulate their holistic innovative development, internal interaction and international cooperation.

Why us

Experts in the organic agri-food trade

Wide network of organic agriculture market players

Understanding of UA organic market needs

Kherson, Ukraine




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