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Alfa Pack-Shid LLC

Alfa Pack-Shid LLC

As you know, today each kind of goods in supermarkets, stores or anywhere has its own packaging. There are many different types of packaging and it is special for every kind of goods. For example, in food industry is used packaging mainly made of polymer material and special food films. Completely different packaging such as paper, cardboard and so on is used in other industries. There are currently a lot of companies operating on market of packaging manufacturing. So, if you are looking for food compatible packaging Alfa Pack-Shid LLC can solve this problem for you. On our website you can find all information you need about food packaging and, of course, you can make an order for high-class quality packaging production. Alfa Pack-Shid Company produce the full range of such kinds of packaging as: plastic packaging, paper packaging, disposable tableware, paper tableware, eggs packaging, films, plastic bags and many other. Contact Alfa Pack-Shid Company through website Alfa Pack-Shid LLC or tel. (057) 752-80-55. Good luck to you and your business.

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