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Vlad + LLC

Vlad + LLC

Since 2000, we have made mechatronic structural components, cables and plastic parts for the German automobile and electronic industries. We work at our production facilities in Ukraine both as an international Lohnveredler and a supplier for foreign customers within the boundaries of Ukraine. Along with our experience in production processes during the execution of international supplies, our German partners especially appreciate our reliability and considerable advantages of costs in Ukraine as a production site. Our responsibility: - Assembling of electronic and electromechanical structural components and units - Production of wire bundles and simple cables - Molding of plastics under pressure (of separate parts, coating of plugs etc.) We are proceeding from consideration that the current political situation in Ukraine is getting calm within the nearest months. Ukraine will remain for a long time a country with the most favorable and very low wage costs in Europe at the same time having a high level of employees' qualification. In connection with the free trade agreement between the EU and Ukraine, and the new government oriented towards reforms, perfect prerequisites are arising, especially, considering the amount of wage processes. We have developed our production facilities during the last years and have invested in new machines. We are open and interested in new long-term business partners in Europe, our long experience of work with the German customers is a good basis. You can find detailed information about us at our web page , as well as in the attached presentation. We would be glad to have the possibility of representing us personally at your enterprise if such an opportunity occurs. Please apply, without any hesitation, directly to me if you have any inquiries (send them to me).

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works for the German auto industry.

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