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HARP (Kharkov Bearing Plant

HARP (Kharkov Bearing Plant

HARP specializes in the production of ball bearings for agricultural, road, general purpose and roller bearings for rail transport.

1. Quality and reliability: complete technological cycle, quality control at each stage, testing of materials and raw materials, testing center, international certification. 2. Innovation: a design office that specializes in the design of bearings for customers' specifications. 3. Service and technical support: prompt, professional. 4. Sales and logistics: protection against counterfeiting, the most favorable price, advanced logistics. HARP® is a registered trademark. Patent protected in more than 50 countries. Trademarks: HARP, HARP-AGRO, X-SHIELD, HARP AGRO UNIT, HARP-AUTO

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Ukraine, Kharkov




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