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Our company offers steel beams with a wavy wall and equipment for their production. The beams (BWW) are welded metal structures of two square or rectangular pipes and a wavy wall. BWW beams allow fast and easy installation of various structures. They are lighter than traditional beams with the same strength and bearing capacity. Beam BWW is a profile of a permanent section consisting of 2 profiles (square tube) and a sinusoidal metal insert. The components for the manufacture of BWW beams are cheap and widespread products that allow to make BWW beams anywhere around the globe. The manufacturing process of the BWW beam does not require any expensive components and energy resources. BWW beam as a profile is quite versatile and can be used for various types of structures: columns of hangars and buildings with bridge cranes, crossbars, runs, beams of coverings and overlappings, ties, frames of administrative and industrial buildings, etc. Any construction made with wooden beams or steel beams with IPE or IPN profile can be implemented using BWW beams that have the same or better mechanical characteristics, but reduce the metal intensity of the finished building from 20 to 60%. It is important that BWW beams and their structures and frames are highly durable and recommended for use in areas with seismic activity and high wind loads. For large frames made of BWW beams, one of the main advantages is the ability to assemble them in place, which eliminates all the risks and difficulties associated with the transportation of oversized building structures. The design of the beams is protected by a copyright certificate. The elements of the beams production line are protected by a patent for the invention. BWW beams are made in accordance with TU U 28.1-32010831-001: 2008. Our company provides an opportunity to purchase a license for producing BWW beams. Our company provides the opportunity to buy equipment for the production of BWW beams. We have designed and created a fully automated line for the production of corrugated steel beams (BWW). Each BWW beam production line is a fully autonomous, self-sufficient production unit and ready to be used immediately. The BWW beam production line comes in a 20'or 40' container that can be installed anywhere, whether in a desert area, in a disaster zone or in a remote area, or just in the remote area and produce about 400 m of beam per shift. The latest developments introduced in this line allow cheap and fast (finished product output speed of about 1 m/min) to produce a steel beam with a wave wall (BWW) up to 360 mm. The introduction into the construction of products of this line allows for an average of 40% to reduce the metal consumption in building structures, to reduce installation and transportation costs, to achieve inaccessible to competitors terms of design, supply and installation.

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