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Yes Straws

Yes Straws

Environmental Drinking Straws

Yes Straws is a Ukrainian brand focused on reducing the use of disposable plastic items, minimizing the negative impact on the environment and searching for innovative solutions.


Cereal from which our tubes are made is less demanding in terms of growing and less use of natural resources. In addition, the straws can be disposed of without harm to the environment, knowing that no living matter what!


Yes Straws are not only recycling straws, they are a 100% natural and environmentally friendly alternative to plastic tubing.


We started Yes Straws not only to change consumer habits, but also the production system itself, which is based on energy-efficient production processes and the concept of preventing the creation of waste.

Why us

The price, which corresponds to the service and quality

Quality that we can't stop improving every day

Reputation, which we have developed through years of hard work

Ukraine, Kyiv




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