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Plant of Agricultural Machines LLC

Plant of Agricultural Machines LLC

Plant of Agricultural Machines is a specialized plant that produces grain cleaning machines, grain throwers, grain loaders and fertilizer spreaders. With the help of our innovative agricultural machinery, cleaning, processing and shipping of grain is simplified and reduced in price by 2-3 times.
Each of our machinery has excellent technical characteristics and compares favorably with the products of other manufacturers.
The plant has 2 branches, the most modern equipment and highly qualified personnel.
Our equipment has received many awards and is certified in the EU. Excellent technical characteristics, quality, convenience and safety of the manufactured equipment are confirmed by state tests and thousands of grateful buyers. Our technique is successfully applied in 21 countries. Our superior agricultural technology, combined with the experience and professional support of our partners, will provide you with unique opportunities for a successful agricultural business. Become our partner!

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12 b, Tsentralnaya str. Tsarichanskiy district, V.




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