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State Enterprise "Ukrainian Scientific Railway Car Building Research Institute" (DP "UkrNDIV)

State Enterprise "Ukrainian Scientific Railway Car Building Research Institute" (DP "UkrNDIV)

DP “UkrNDIV” is a well-known in Ukraine and abroad research institute for railbound rolling stock. The Institute incorporates Certification Body and Testing Center accredited by the National Agency for Accreditation of Ukraine. Core activities of the Institute are: - multi-method research activities; - full-scale tests and studies of all types of freight wagons, electric multiple units and rail buses, railway equipment and machinery, etc.; - certification of railcar-building products; - Train Life Services; - expert services and support ; - regulatory and norm-setting activities - printing and publishing activities, translation. DP “UkrNDIV” confirmed compliance with requirements of the Quality Management Certificates DSTU ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 9001:2015.

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